Student Meal Plans

Meal Plans

Tera Bite

230 Grub Hub Dining Dollars

105 Snack Swipes

230 Regular Swipes

8 Guest Meals

Giga Bite

160 Grub Hub Dining Dollars

70 Snack Swipes

160 Regular Swipes

5 Guest Meals

Mega Bite

70 Grub Hub Dining Dollars

45 Snack Swipes

70 Regular Swipes

3 Guest Meals

Kilo Bite

120 Grub Hub Dining Dollars

10 Snack Swipes

20 Regular Swipes

1 Guest Meals

Types of Swipes

Regular Swipes- can be utilized for all non-breakfast meals at Pierce Dining Hall and all full meal exchanges at retail venues.


Meal Exchange- Build your meal by choosing an entree, a beverage, and a side. Visit each location to learn what each one has to offer.


Snack Swipe- can be utilized for breakfast in Pierce or snack meal exchange throughout the day at retail venues.


Grubhub Dining Dollars- An innovative feature added to the meal plan that can be used on campus and at any participating Grubhub Vendor in your area.

To learn how to add your Grubhub Dining dollars to Grubhub or to learn more Click Here


Duck Bills- DuckBills is a prepaid, dollar-for-dollar, declining balance account housed on your Stevens DuckCard that may be used to pay for purchases at participating on and off-campus merchants. For more information visit the Stevens Online DuckCard Office

Purchasing a Meal Plan

To purchase or change a meal plan, please visit the “Housing & Dining” section on myStevens.


For more information about rates, please click here:

Phone: 201-216-5128

Any Questions?

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