Nutrition Counseling

As a resource to the campus, our full-time Registered Dietitian (RD) is available on campus daily to provide counseling services, presentations, and seminars to the entire campus community, absolutely free of charge. Our nutrition services remain a popular service utilized by many students, athletes, and faculty on campus. Whether it be for one “refresher” session or weekly appointments, students work one-on-one and in groups with our Campus Dietitian to discuss food options in the dining hall, answer food and nutrition related-questions, and reach specific diet, wellness, and physical goals. Counseling is available for weight management, sports nutrition, food allergies, general healthy eating, and other nutrition and diet-related concerns. More specifically, goal setting, diet analysis, meal planning, body composition testing, dining hall tours, and product evaluation are often performed by our RD to work with the student towards their individual goals.

Another popular service throughout the campus include our free presentations and seminars. This past year, our Campus Dietitian presented to over 10 different student groups, including Resident Assistants (RA’s) and their residents and various sororities and fraternities, along with 8 different campus athletic teams.

To help inspire participation and enhance the content, snacks and food are often served at these events. Whether it’s on-the-go packaged snacks or the students assisting our RD in creating an easy dorm-room option, these presentations are always a hit. The students especially enjoy the Q & A session at the end where they can ask more individual questions.

Students especially look forward to our annual health and wellness competition, known as the Healthy “U” Challenge. For students looking to improve on healthy eating, and positive eating behaviors, and who want to get moving without a focus on weight, this challenge was the perfect way to keep yourself accountable and motivate yourself to step up your health game. Bi-weekly challenges were created and run by our Campus Dietitian and each challenge winner received a healthy prize!