America’s Cup

Need a study break? Come on down to America’s Cup! Located on the first floor of the Samuel C. Williams Library; America’s Cup is the perfect place to relax with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Here we proudly serve Starbucks Coffee and an array of decadent pastries. Stop by today to see what all the buzz is about!


Create is a concept that emphasizes YOU creating your meal the way you want it, right in front of your eyes! In a salad or a wrap – it’s all about customized choices. Made with simple ingredients that are healthy, delicious, and affordable. Some of our items are locally sourced when available, some are organic, and all are fresh and of the best quality we can find. Finish off your salad or wrap it with great dressings, marinades, and sauces! The possibilities are endless, with over 29 ingredient operations to choose from, you will never have to eat the same wrap or salad twice.  Along with the custom wraps and salads, crEATe features Au Bon Pain soups.