Meet the Team

Welcome to the Stevens Dining Management team! We are a passionate and dynamic group committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience for the entire Stevens community. Our team comprises talented chefs, nutrition experts, catering team, and dedicated staff, working together to create a diverse and delectable menu that caters to all tastes and dietary needs. Meet our team below!

Dora Lim

Resident District Manager

Diane Benvenuto

Director of Operations

Angie Angeles

Residential Dining Director

Cheri Morrison

Director of Catering

Erik Weatherspool

Campus Executive Chef

Frank Travisano

Executive Chef, Catering

Jonathan Douglas

Pi Kitchen Manager

Keith Ruthe

Executive Chef, Residential

Maureen Prestia

Head Chef

Chef Isreal

Catering Sous Chef

Madison Goslin

Senior Marketing Specialist

Manuela Vito

Catering Administrative Manager

Kimberly Rodriguez

Catering Manager

Ishmael Adames

Catering Manager

Yalmel Cancel

Office Manager