The Stevens Dining menu cycles and stations offer a wide variety of selections for both the average student and those with specific dietary preferences and restrictions. Menu icons pointing out vegetarian, vegan, and balanced options are present on menus, product identifiers, digital menu boards, and online. No matter where each student is looking to eat, these icons can help students make smarter, healthier choices that are consistent with dietary preferences.

As for our students with special dietary restrictions, they are strongly encouraged to make dining services aware of their restrictions via our Campus Dietitian. To discuss options available to them in our dining halls, request specialty items specific to their needs, or conduct a dining hall tour with our RD, this service is an essential tool for students who may otherwise be restricted.

Menu Labels

Look out for these symbols around campus!

Vegetarian Item

Vegan Item

Allergen Friendly

Halal Item

Our NEW G8 Station is a great resource to all of our students with special dietary restrictions, and allow them to choose nutritious foods while avoiding the top eight major allergens (eggs, milk, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat) & gluten. The G8 menus rotate on a four-week cycle and consist of protein, starch/grain, and vegetable option.

All students with any form of dietary restrictions have access to ordering allergen-friendly and special request items such as gluten-free baked goods, dairy-free alternatives, and vegan meats, cheeses and other packaged products. In addition to all management and head chefs being required to pass an online allergen training, all dining hall staff is trained personally by our Campus Registered on this essential topic at the beginning of each semester.

Each semester, our Campus Dietitian also conducts Student Advisory Boards, including Dining Committee meetings. These student board meetings help ensure needs aren’t only being met but the voices of these students, in particular, are being heard. During meetings, attendees communicate their concerns, ask questions, provide suggestions, and try new menu items/products. The management team also takes this time to provide updates on any changes so these students experience nothing but exceptional dining service.

For those with more severe allergies, an individualized plan is created. The student and their family work personally with our Campus Dietitian and Foodservice Director to formulate a plan, which is specifically tailored to the individual’s needs and schedule. Made-to-order Allergen-Friendly meals specially prepared by our trained Chef are also available to students who need more assistance meeting their dietary needs within our dining facilities.