Bulk Ordering

How do utilize all of my extra Meal Swipes?

  • Dining Deals- These include and are not limited to cookie decorating kits, bubble tea, treat boxes, and so much more. Follow us on social media to stay up to date this these flash sales.
  • Pizza– Students can order a freshly made cheese or pepperoni pizza from the cashier at Pierce Dining Hall.
    • These Pizzas are only available for pickup between the hours of 12:00-7:00. 
  • Follow us on social media for more deals throughout the semester.

Bulk Ordering

Use it, don’t lose it – place bulk orders seamlessly on Grubhub through the UCC Marketplace, accessible via kiosks or your mobile device. Order pickups will occur every Friday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm

– The last day to place orders for the Fall 2023 semester is December 8, 2023.

– The last day to place orders for the Spring 2024 semester is April 26, 2024.

Items Included:

Case of Water, a case of Ramen, a case of Nutrigrain Bars, and a case of Pop-Tarts.

Please keep in mind that certain flavors may or may not be available according to demand.