Rotating Concept

Rotating Concept

Variety is the spice of life! Coming to campus this fall is our new and innovative rotating location. Shake things up with this ever-changing station. Enjoy something new every 2 weeks.

Monday- Sunday
UCC Marketplace
11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Bowl Life: Nutrition and freshness are what we are made of! Satisfy all of your cravings by building your grain bowl. From. Fill your bowl up with fresh ingredients and flavor.

Big City Barbecue: Nothing says classic American Cuisine quite like a BBQ. Each region has adopted its style of BBQ from the South to the Midwest, all around the U.S. and worldwide. Big City Barbecue celebrates BBQ of all kinds by grilling, smoking, and cooking up some of your favorites.

Chaat House: Curries, spices, and chutney take center stage at Chaat House. Chaat house serves food that’s full of flavor – serious flavor. A little spice, a touch of heat, and a lot of love give flavor to everything we do.​

Piri Piri: Some like it hot! And we’re delivering with this Portuguese flavor. Variations of the Piri-Piri sauce have been around since the 15th century when Portuguese settlers in Africa came across the ingredient-an African Bird’s Eye Chili. Piri Piri prides itself in serving South African Cuisine and Portuguese Cuisine.

Revolution Noodle: Keep Calm, we have ramen! Revolution Noodle is a new and innovative Rotating Concept coming to the UCC Marketplace where you can get freshly made ramen!

Vedge: Feel the Freshness! Vedge is a new and innovative rotating concept that utilizes local and seasonal produce to offer an exciting array of dishes directly from the earth.

and so much more!

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